Questions about clinical research? CISCRP has answers.

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There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding research.  Many people do not understand the clinical trial process and others are unaware that these opportunities even exist.  The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) can help answer your questions about clinical trials.  Whether you are considering participating in a clinical trial, currently participating, or have participated in a study, CISCRP has a variety of information on their online Education Center.  It is important to know the basics of research and to stay informed in order to make health decisions that are the best for you.  Some of the questions CISCRP has answered include:


J. Lewis Research, Inc.

J. Lewis Research, Inc.

We are a unique research company in Salt Lake City with over 25 years of experience conducting clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in Phase II, III and IV clinical trials.