NERI Children and Clinical Studies Film

The New England Research Institute (NERI) has created a 45-minute documentary-like film called “If Not For Me…” as part of a research study about children and clinical studies.  The objective of this film is to broadly dispel misperceptions and tackle the complex and important issues of clinical studies participation, particularly in pediatric populations.  NERI is offering a $5 Amazon gift card to anyone interested in viewing the film and completing a few questionnaires.

Click here to participate in this brief research study.  You can learn more about pediatric clinical trials and their importance at

NERI also created The Paper Kingdom, a video game that teaches kids about clinical trials.

J. Lewis Research, Inc.

J. Lewis Research, Inc.

We are a unique research company in Salt Lake City with over 25 years of experience conducting clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in Phase II, III and IV clinical trials.